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Chatting with Gramophonedzie: Music, Retro, Beat, Stylish, Love

“I must have hit the moment because everyone, some four hundred people, just stripped off “

Gramophonedzie has delivered one of the most distinctive club bombs of the year with ‘Why Don’t You’. Already an Ibiza 2009 anthem and used as a dance-floor weapon of choice by the likes of Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez, DJ Sneak, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox, Dennis Ferrer, and Norman Jay, ‘Why Don’t You’ receives a full mainstream release on February 28th.

Ahead of the impending release date, we caught up with Marko from Gramophonedzie to find out a little bit more about the Belgrade duo.

Gramophonedzie in five words?

Music, Retro, Beat, Stylish, Love

What can we expect from a Gramophonedzie DJ set?

I like to play for the girls. If girls are happy, that’s important, everyone else will be too 😉 I always try to present music that I’m really into and that, first and foremost, makes me want to dance. Generally I don’t have any preparations; I play what I feel would be best for that particular moment and atmosphere. My only aim is that people who attend my party forget about everything and loose themselves for that night.

What’s your most memorable Gramophonedzie clubbing moment?

It was few years ago at a beach party. I was supposed to play an early 6am slot after some hard techno DJs. To be honest I really didn’t know what I was going to do because the crowd was really fired up by these techno guys. I started playing as hard as I could, the sun started rising and I don’t know why but I stopped everything and just started playing some funk records. I must have hit the moment because everyone, some four hundred people, just stripped off and jumped into sea. Unbelievable moment.

Who’s your favourite producer?

I listen to a lot of different styles of music and there are many great producers nowadays, so I can’t pick one in particular. If we are talking about the global pop scene, then it has to be Quincy Jones.

What was the biggest tune of 2009 for you?

Hard question too, there are a few really nice tunes but I’ll say Kenton Slash Demon – Brunn / Tartelet just because I think it’s the most underrated one.

One essential thing you can’t survive without?

My computer!

If you could change one thing about dance music what would it be?

Get back vinyl and kill all those digital spams ;). Bring back more funky beats, mix it with electro, or whatever you like, but remain funky!

What was your highlight of 2009?

My “Why don’t you” track and signing with Positiva

What can we expect from Gramophonedzie for the rest of 2010?

Hopefully a lot of DJing and nice parties, many good tracks and maybe another hit.. 😉

There will be some Gramophonedzie remixes coming out for Mowgli & Tara McDonald, a remix for one of my favorite tracks Mange Le Funk ‘I Still Want You’, plus a remix for The Young Punx. I will also be working on some new tracks, collaborating with some vocalists.

One of my biggest ambitions is to make an album with lots of old swing, jazz and blues tracks remade and wrapped into a new sound. I would like to discover more of this forgotten music and help to revive it again.

You’re having a fantasy pool party, who is on your VIP guestlist?

There is no VIP. Everyone is invited!

Gramophonedzie ‘Why Don’t You’is available to download from February 28th